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Faculty Spotlight - Robbie Davis

Hello MSW Community!

We hope you are all having a wonderful and productive semester! Whether you are a new, continuing, or a graduating student, hang in there, the semester is coming to a close! Each year we take the time to recognize our hard working faculty members that ensure our well being and success in the MSW Program. Also, it allows for students to learn about their roles.This month, we would like to give a shout out to Professor Robbie Davis!

Full name: Roberta "Robbie" Davis

Degrees earned and Universities attended:

BSW and BA in Psychology - Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA

MSW - CSULB, Long Beach

1st and 2nd year internships:

Long Beach Child Guidance Center - 1st

LA County DCFS - macro internship - 2nd

Jobs after finishing your degree?

main job - LA County DCFS - Supervisor and Intern Field Coordinator

part-time jobs- Los Alamitos Hospital - GeroPsych unit,

LCSW Clinical Supervisor - Core Values Consulting

Classes you are teaching at CSUDH?

Social Policy 510, Field Seminars 540 & 541.

Your aspirations before you began your MSW program:

I wanted to obtain my LCSW and be a therapist working with children.

Your aspirations after you finished your MSW program:

I wanted to obtain my LCSW and be a field instructor for graduate students. Further, I wanted to become an intern field coordinator for DCFS.

Have you accomplished the goals you once had as a student? Yes! I had the opportunity to be a therapist for sexually abused children through a specialized program at DCFS. The experience was unforgettable. I also later became a field instructor and Intern field coordinator at DCFS and have mentored hundreds of interns from all the MSW University programs in S. California. Mentoring students is my passion.

What you love the most about being a Social Worker? I'm grateful for the opportunity to help other people. Many people helped me along the way in my life and I just appreciate the chance to pay it forward.

Advice you would give current students about school or the future? "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" Nelson Mandela

I understand the experience of the part-time student extended education student at CSUDH. I was a part-time extended education student during my MSW program. I worked full-time during my graduate program due to the need to support my mother and, therefore, understand the exhaustion and commitment that students must have to get through the program. The rewards will be life-changing so I encourage students to keep moving forward even if at times it feels daunting.

Anything you’d like to add? I like to share at this time of year: Author Washington Irving stayed with my Dutch farming family in the 1800's during his time in Sleepy Hollow or Tarrytown, NY when he wrote the story of the Headless Horseman and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. My ancestors were weaved into the story and are immortalized in the Old Dutch Burial Grounds.

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