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You're Paying for This Experience, Make the Best of It!

Hi everyone, my name is Mario Cortez and I am the Vice-President for GASW. I am here to talk about your involvement with our program and the events that we host. Make the most out of your MSW journey! Participate in everything that you can. Look, I get it I am a student too and I am always busy. I never thought I was going to be so involved in many activities while in school but honestly I really enjoy it. I have a busy schedule 7 days a week but those aren’t excuses to stop me from making grad school the best time of my life. You are only in this program for a limited time and after this there will not be more student events that you can participate in. This message is for the new cohort coming in and the one taking over. I promise you that if you make time to be involved either with GASW or events in school you will not regret it. Just remember, at the end of the day you are paying for this experience, make the best of it by being involved with your school and classmates. Stop being a boring student and get out of that routine, get out of your comfort zone and do something that others are afraid to do. When I talk to students from my cohort they express how they regret not going to many events or being involved with our student organizations. Be the best you can be in this program and enjoy every second of it because next thing you know you’re graduating.

Important Events I recommend:

MSW Picnic

GASW will host a picnic for all students including alumni and every year the crowd seems to get smaller and smaller. My cohort did not participate their first year and their second year, which is a shame. For future students I recommend you show up to this event because you now have the ability to talk with new students and connect with alumni as well as faculty. It is an event for not only students but for families too! GASW puts in work for this event and we are all failing as an MSW family by not showing up. Keep an eye out for the next one and please attend!

Legislative Lobby Days

This is honestly the highlight of the MSW program. If you did not/ have not/ will not attend Lobby Days, you are truly missing out on one of the best experiences you will get here in this program. I honestly do not understand why it is not mandatory in our MSW program. During this two day event, all 23 social work schools get together at the capitol and rally as well as meet with legislators. Meeting with legislators is a scary thing if you have no idea what to expect but trust me this is all a learning experience. Words cannot describe how amazing this experience is, once you attend this event you will know for sure that you were meant to be a social worker. Pro tip: Start saving $ now for Lobby Days.

Flynn Cup

Every year USC hosts this softball tournament near their campus. Every year they win, and take the trophy home. This year we really stepped up our game and ended up in second place (Yes we lost to USC 13-15). This is a competitive game, but it is more about having fun and showing your school spirit. There is a requirement of 5 women to play and every year that is the struggle for DH to recruit. In a program where there are 6-8 males per cohort I find it hard to believe that there are no women that want to play softball. This year we had great support from many students on the stands and that really motivated us to do well. If you won’t play then at least show up and show your Toro pride! Keep an eye out for that email in spring 2019.

I want to thank all those who have made my MSW journey a fun one by participating in GASW events. I will cherish these memories forever and I leave this campus and MSW program regretting nothing, because I did everything.

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