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Lobby Days 2019

Calling all Toros!

Tis the time to start planning for 2019 Lobby Days that takes place in Sacramento in the spring of each year. This year, it will take place April 7 and 8th, 2019. For those that are unfamiliar with Lobby Days, it’s a two-day legislative event that educates both students and other social work professionals about legislation that affects clients and the social work profession. It gives us an opportunity to witness how social justice and policy drives change and give you a glimpse of social work at the macro level. Students also get the opportunity to speak with state legislators and their staff regarding significant issues. For many students, attending Lobby Days serves as a motivation for the pursuit for social justice and reminds us why we sought to become social workers to begin with. Please see the link below that will take you to the Lobby Days Event brochure for more information which includes registration fees and deadlines. It also gives a snap shot of what each day looks like:

-Ivan Bustamante

GASW Vice President

Hello Students!

I would like to echo everything Ivan mentioned in his narrative. Lobby Days is a two-day event that is really geared towards introducing BSW and MSW students into the realm of macro social work practice. At the conference on Sunday, attendees will learn about the basics of lobbying and the specific bills.

And on Monday, you will meet with state legislators and/or their staff members. Last year, we advocated and lobbied for the following bills: AB 186 (Eggman) Safer Substance Use Services, SB 10 (Hertzberg) Bail Reform, and SB 982 (Mitchell) CalWORKS Grants. Students from our MSW program presented on AB 186 through the lens of Critical Race Theory and did a marvelous job! They represented us proudly!

Not only is this an amazing and wonderful opportunity to learn about the legislative and political process, but it gives our students the chance to make new friends within the program and network with students and professionals from the other programs and schools. It was estimated that over 1,600 people attended last year’s Lobby Days event. It’s surreal being around so many liked-minded individuals who are committed to social justice and social equity. It’s truly powerful to witness and be a part of. Go and show your MSW Toros pride!

-Paul Vu

MSW Faculty

Lobby Days Coordinator

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