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Warm Welcome from your President and Vice President

Hello CSUDH MSW family!

I would like to send my warmest welcome to you all. Whether you are a first-year student, returning second-year student, or a graduating c/o 2019 student (woot! woot!). I know it’s that time of the semester where things are starting to kick into full gear. Don’t overwhelm yourself, remember to breathe, and make time for relaxation and self-care. Don’t forget that your organization the Graduate Association of Social Work (GASW), is here for you especially when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of this program. There is no doubt that we wouldn’t prevail, but it will be a better and more enjoyable experience if we do it together. Let’s make this an amazing and unforgettable year…Cheers to a wonderful 2018-2019!

Derrick Harding

GASW President

Greetings MSW Toros!

Welcome to the 2018-2019 academic year! If you are a new student, congratulations! You are in for an amazing journey! Continuing and graduating students, pat yourselves in the back! You are closer to the finish line! Remember to be kind to yourselves throughout your MSW journey even during turbulent times as you go through the learning process. Please know that our organization, Graduate Association of Social Work (GASW), is here to support you. Believe in yourself and trust the process. Go Toros!

Ivan Bustamante

GASW Vice-President

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