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Lobby Days - The Undergraduate Perspective

Hello, my fellow Social Workers!

My name is Jackie Garcia and I’m currently GASW Undergraduate Representative. This year I had the opportunity to attend Lobby Days along with 3 other Undergraduates and let me start off by saying it was by far the most AMAZING experience. From early adolescence until now I have been driven to make a difference in my community, and advocate for people in need. I was able to apply this for the first time during Lobby Days because I got educated, along with over 30 other CSUDH students and professionals around California about important legislation affecting clients and the Social Work profession. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the legislative process and get a "hands-on" lobbying experience. Unfortunately, I couldn’t talk with state legislators about important policy issues because I was too nervous, and I didn’t know what to expect; However, there is always next year. I’m also proud to say CSUDH got elected to present a bill on March 11th in the Sacramento Convention Center regarding Safer Substance Use Services (AB 186 Eggman). Critical Race Theory was used to present the bill; In which, the presenters did an amazing job by applying what they have learned in class. Lastly, the rally in front of the Capitol got me so hyped up on Monday. I was amazed by everyone’s energy and devotion to make a difference in our communities, and it makes me look forward to applying to the MSW program next fall. I want to thank everyone you attended Lobby Days because they all made us 3 Undergraduates feel so welcoming even though we aren’t in the MSW program they all inspired us to achieve our academic goals. I look forward to see everyone graduate this spring. GO TORROS!

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