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Queer Hx Month

Did you know Jane Addams, a pioneering woman in Social Work History, co-founded the Hull House in Chicago with her long-time partner, Ellen Gates Starr?

Did you know Michael Foucault, a French Social Theorist, whose work on power and knowledge influenced Critical Race Theorists was conceptualized from his own experiences of coming to terms with his gay identity?

October is celebrated as Queer hx month, a time dedicated to recognizing the important moments in the hx of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer+ peoples. It is set to highlight the important roles LGBTQ+ people have taken in creating change in their communities and also establishes visibility of LGBTQ+ people in society.

As social workers, we all know that we have a duty to help clients from diverse backgrounds. It is our responsibility to understand client's’ cultural histories, background, identities, and social context in order to best meet their needs. Statistically, social workers will work with clients who are LGBTQ+ identifying, yet do not feel adequately equipped with the knowledge and skills for competent practice with these populations.

Learning about Queer hx, educating yourself about LGBTQ+ issues, getting to know LGBTQ+ peoples, and attending presentations and events are just a few ways that can help social workers know more about LGBTQ+ populations and how to best address their needs.

So start here → Start by educating yourself on Queer hx month and LGBTQ+ peoples in history. Please check out the following resources!

LGBTQ+ History Timeline

We often have to excavate and locate LGBTQ+ history because often times it is not so readily available or thoroughly mentioned. So please check out this awesome timeline put together by GLSEN on LGBTQ+ history dating back to as early as 2450 BCE:


LGBTQ+ Resources

Formed by a group of MSW students, the Q+ group has put together a Google Drive Folder filled with SO MANY resources and various materials/articles on SO MANY different topics including: identity development, spirituality, and social policies. Check it out:


National Coming Out Day (NCOD)

Observed annually on October 11, this day celebrates individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ (or as an ally), while also recognizing the different and sometimes difficult journeys and continuous processes that occur for individuals accepting their sexual and gender identities and making it known to others. Check out the following resources on learning more about this:

  • History of NCOD, APA -

  • Bi+ Coming out, GLAAD -

  • Coming out for Youth, PFLAG -

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